Tax Consultancy

Legal services

Tax consultancy services consist of a sophisticated analysis of the correlation between the relevant legislation and how you structure and conduct your business. The tax optimization process can make a significant difference when it comes to the decrease of tax-associated costs and the prevention of potential negative impact of state sanctions for non-compliance. Our clients trust the services of VC Law when they face/make:

  • Multijurisdictional Choice for Place of Incorporation;
  • Internal and External Relations Structuring;
  • Internal Cashflow Planning (for the company or associated group of companies);
  • HR Policies Preparation;
  • Product/Services Planning;
  • Collaboration Relations Structuring (Domestic or International);
  • Due Diligence Tax Compliance Assessment;
  • Structuring of Investments/Mergers or Acquisitions.

The key services that we provide to help you save money and time by optimizing your transactions from a tax perspective are:

  • Multinational Tax Treaty Analysis;
  • Corporate (International & Domestic) Structure Tax Planning;
  • Transactional Tax Analysis;
  • Preparation of Internal/External Contractual Framework;
  • Financial and Payment Services/ Products Tax Assessment;
  • Real Estate Tax Optimization;
  • Employment, Collaboration and other Contracts Review from Tax Stand Point;
  • Representation before Tax Authorities and Administrative Court.

You may contact us here, and together we will find a way to help you get the tax aspects of your business right.