Our Practice Areas

VC Law Form is a boutique law firm supporting innovative undertakings in the investment, blockchain, and IT industries.

Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain) Projects

All projects involved in the distributed ledger technology (DLT) industry benefit from the vast number of opportunities and accessible liquidity currently offered by the market. The specific necessities of this sort of project are due to the uncertain regulatory environment. Furthermore, the ambiguity around the legal nature of all assets and setups created by utilising the DLT tools affects the fundraising and, consequently, the company’s operations. These projects operate internationally and require cross border legal structuring.

Competition & Antitrust Law

Competition Law is related to the rules of the fair economic behavior of market participants. Each company in Bulgaria is obliged to comply with its planned business decisions and behavior as a market participant with competition law – cartels, prohibited agreements, and concerted practices, abuse of a dominant position, control over concentrations of enterprises, and unfair competition.

Banking and Finance

We pride ourselves on being involved in some of the most innovative and game-changing undertakings in the banking and finance world, both on the regulatory and commercial side. Our clients often look for ways to add a competitive advantage to their banking or payment activities or empower their business growth with a flexible financing setup.

Real Estate & Contstruction Litigation

VC Law is one of the few law firms that can support you across the full lifecycle of a property asset: from financing, acquisition and development, or construction, through asset management and optimisation, to eventual sale.

Corporate and M&A

VC Law Firm offers its Bulgarian and foreign clients various legal services in the area of corporate and commercial law. Our team of legal professionals contributes to achieving the best legal results, securing the business activity of our clients.


The compliance with all regulatory requirements applicable to your business activities enables you to operate your undertaking without unnecessary administrative sanctions. In some cases, meeting the statutory prerequisites is the only obstacle to be overcome in order to obtain a license or permit to conduct highly lucrative activities.

Employment Law

VC law offers legal advice in all areas considering
the employer-employee relationship except for negotiations covered by the Employment Law. Our legal team has the necessary resources, experience, and quality of provided services in all phases of the employment process — from the negotiations and hiring stage to promotion and termination.

Dispute Resolution

Legal disputes arise in business and in life that cannot be prevented. We encourage and support our clients to try to resolve any dispute out of court – by discussing the problem with the other party to the dispute through negotiations and mediation. However, when it comes to litigation as the only solution, we represent our clients and defend their interests throughout the whole process, including the pre-trial phase, the litigation at all judicial instances in Bulgaria, and national and international arbitration.

Tax Consultancy

Tax consultancy services consist of a sophisticated analysis of the correlation between the relevant legislation and how you structure and conduct your business. The tax optimization process can make a significant difference when it comes to the decrease of tax-associated costs and the prevention of potential negative impact of state sanctions for non-compliance.

IP and IT 

Intellectual property rights (“IPRs”) generally prevent third parties from using the tangible or intangible products of an individual’s creative talent and efforts. Accordingly, the IPRs’ owner enjoys the opportunity to generate revenue by granting limited rights of use to interested third parties or exclusively using the results of his/her/its creativity.


It is recommended to consult trusted legal advisors prior to the commencement of any business undertaking. All projects require preliminary assessment of the necessary resources to be allocated, and often full-scope legal services are sought to protect client’s interests, identify and mitigate potential risks, ensure transparency, compliance, speed, efficient processes, as well as the due performance on behalf of all parties involved therein

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