Real estate & Constructions

Legal services

VC Law is one of the few law firms that can support you across the full lifecycle of a property asset: from financing, acquisition, and development, or Construction, through asset management and optimization, to eventual sale.

VC Law offers a full scope of legal services in the sphere of real estate and Construction. Our clients may rely on VC law real estate and construction teams of professionals to help mitigate the risks arising from contractual clauses and the requirements of the regulatory framework and ensure successful project execution.

The legal services we offer in this field include:

  • Analysis of the legal status of the property;
  • Examination to establish all rights and burdens under a particular property;
  • Analysis of the rights arising from acquisition transactions – purchases, exchanges, donations, partitioning, transfer of receivables, wills, and others;
  • Legal advice on acquisitions of property or limited property rights, including its tax and financial aspects;
  • Assistance on obtaining compensation in case of breach of clauses of preliminary or final contracts and deeds related to a property transaction;
  • Legal advice and assistance in the process of financing of real estate investments by financial institutions, other legal entities, and or individuals;
  • Legal advice related to the terms and conditions for renting a property; assistance in the preparation of necessary documents and representation at the conclusion of renting contracts for a property;
  • Assistance in the registration and management of the condominium, consultations on conducting the management and preparation of all documents in this respect;
  • Consultations and mediation regarding the usage of real estate property;
  • Legal assistance in all stages of the construction process, including consultation and participation in meetings and negotiations to establish the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the different types of participants in construction processes;
  • Consultation and preparation of documents necessary for the implementation and organization of the construction process;
  • Assistance in determining the applicable requirements of the type of Construction and in conduction of administrative procedures for acceptance, preparation, approval, and amendment of territory plans;
  • Legal advice and assistance in the implementation of procedures for amendment of use of agricultural land;
  • legal advice and monitoring for compliance with the specific requirements of the Law for Territorial Regulation and Law for Environmental Protection;
  • Litigation and consultation on property cases;
  • Legal consult and documents preparation for voluntary (by mutual consent) and court partition of co-owned property.

You may contact us here, and together we will find a way to help you get high-quality legal service for your real estate case.