IP and IT

Legal services

It is recommended to consult trusted legal advisors prior to the commencement of any business undertaking. All projects require preliminary assessment of the necessary resources to be allocated, and often full-scope legal services are sought to protect client’s interests, identify and mitigate potential risks, ensure transparency, compliance, speed, efficient processes, as well as the due performance on behalf of all parties involved therein. Our clients usually assign us to handle projects from A to Z in the following cases:

  • Research Projects Based on Public-Private Partnerships;
  • IT Projects Involving Multiple Participants;
  • Construction Projects;
  • International Expansion;
  • Complex Forms of Financing;
  • Distributed Ledger Technologies Based Projects;
  • Private International and Domestic Partnerships;
  • Intellectual Property Licensing/Transfer Transactions;
  • Mergers & Acquisitions;
  • Business Restructuring;
  • Business Re-Location;
  • New Product/Service Planning & Development.

Our team will help you to pursue new opportunities while taking care of the legal framework around the process and relations by providing the following services:

  • Transactional Regulatory Impact Assessment;
  • International Law Impact Assessment;
  • Data Protection Regulations Impact Assessment;
  • Financial Services Regulatory Impact Assessment;
  • Intellectual Property Generation & Distribution Agreements;
  • Tax Law Implications Analysis & Optimisation;
  • Partnership/Collaboration/Subcontractors;
  • Agreements Review/Negotiations/Drafting;
  • Due Diligence Preparation & Conduct;
  • Co-Founders Agreement Negotiations & Drafting;
  • Investment/Financing Agreement Negotiations & Drafting;
  • Online General Terms & Conditions Preparation;
  • Internal Decision Making and Performance Traction Processes, Documentation & Policies Preparation.

You may contact us here and find out how to boost your project development by optimizing the legal framework around it and finding creative solutions to help your undertaking thrive.