IP and IT

Legal services

Intellectual property rights (“IPRs”) generally prevent third parties from using the tangible or intangible products of an individual’s creative talent and efforts. Accordingly, the IPRs’ owner enjoys the opportunity to generate revenue by granting limited rights of use to interested third parties or exclusively using the results of his/her/its creativity. As IPRs are included in any undertaking under different form and diverse context, the following business cases are most common in practice:

  • Research & Development Projects;
  • IT Projects (Software/Web Development);
  • Investments in IT or other IPRs Owning Companies;
  • Incorporation of Legal Entities Aiming at Generating Significant IPRs;
  • Franchise Transactions;
  • IPRs Related Disputes;
  • Licensing Deals;
  • Confidentiality Protection & Breach Disputes;
  • Trade Mark Registration;
  • Seeking Patent Protection;
  • Manufacturing & Distribution Agreements;
  • Seeking Trade Secrets Protection;
  • Technology Transfer.

We assist our clients in structuring, preserving, increasing, or protecting the value of their IPRs by providing them with the following services:

  • IPRs Due Diligence Preparation & Conduct;
  • Franchise Agreement Negotiations & Drafting;
  • R&D Collaboration Agreement Negotiations & Drafting;
  • Licensing Agreement Negotiations & Drafting;
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement Negotiations & Drafting;
  • Trade Secrets Protection Framework Preparation;
  • Manufacturing & Distribution Agreements Negotiations & Drafting;
  • Trade Mark Registration Preparation & Conduct;
  • Utility Model, Industrial Design and Patent Protection Preparation & Conduct;
  • Unfair Competition Implications Analysis;
  • IPRs Dispute Resolution (Negotiations, Strategy & Court Representation);
  • IPRs Valuation;
  • General IPRs Protection Analysis of a Proposed Project/Product.

Please, contact us if you are willing to optimize the legal framework around or protect your IPRs from infringement.