Employment Law

Legal services

VC law offers legal advice in all areas considering the employer-employee relationship except for negotiations covered by the Employment Law. Our legal team has the necessary resources, experience, and quality of provided services in all phases of the employment process — from the negotiations and hiring stage to promotion and termination.

VC Law addresses each client’s legal issues and helps them achieve solutions that appropriately manage their legal risks, and provides the following legal services that could save both time and money. 

1. For the employees

  • Protection against unlawful dismissal and assistance in seeking compensation for the period of unemployment due to the dismissal;
  • Legal representation in cases related to the employee’s compensation, as well as unpaid salaries;
  • Cases of a work accident;
  • Consultation in connection with concluding an employment contract; signing a job description, Annex to an existing contract or other additional agreements;
  • Assistance in terminating an employment contract;
  • Representation before all courts, Labor Inspectorate, trade unions, and others;
  • Participation in negotiations between employers and employees and assistance for out-of-court settlement of disputes through mediation.
2. For the employers
  • Preparation of individual Employment and Civil Contracts, job descriptions, agreements, and annexes for amendment or supplementation of an already concluded contract
  • Consultations and preparation of the necessary documents for establishing extended or reduced working hours,for overtime work and bonus programs, as well as for the usage of leave;
  • Preparation of documents for the regulations of the internal labor order, documents for performing a labor inspection and, for imposing a disciplinary sanction;
  • Legal representation before the court.

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