Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain) Projects

Legal services

All projects involved in the distributed ledger technology (DLT) industry benefit from the vast number of opportunities and accessible liquidity currently offered by the market. The specific necessities of this sort of project are due to the uncertain regulatory environment. Furthermore, the ambiguity around the legal nature of all assets and setups created by utilising the DLT tools affects the fundraising and, consequently, the company’s operations. These projects operate internationally and require cross border legal structuring. VC Law can help you to:

  • structure your investors’ relations in the most efficient way for successful fundraising;
  • avoid securities and other regulatory impacts while creating your tokenomics structure; 
  • create the ‘bridges’ between the traditional economy and the virtual currencies world in full compliance.
  • plan and carry out fundraising and operational activities in accordance with the rules and regulatory requirements that may be applicable to your project;

The DLT projects services we provide are:

  • Whitepaper review and amendment;
  • Securities laws implications analysis and legal opinions (EU and US);
  • International tax structuring; 
  • Anti-money laundering compliance analysis and implementation;
  • Analysis of any potential banking, payment, trading and investment regulatory implications;  
  • Communications with relevant regulatory bodies;
  • Investment intermediary structuring and licensing;
  • Payment institutions structuring and licensing; 
  • Non-banking financial institutions structuring and licensing;
  • Alternative investment funds structuring and licensing; 
  • Representation before relevant regulatory bodies regarding any potential sanctions;
  • Bank account opening; 
  • OTC desks and virtual currencies exchange account opening;
  • Structuring and licensing of virtual currencies exchanges and OTC desks; 
  • Draft and review of collaboration agreements with future partners;
  • Draft and review of exchange listing agreements;
  • Draft and review of virtual to fiat currencies exchange agreements;
  • General terms and conditions for your website; 
  • Draft and review of co-founders agreements;
  • Draft and review of advisory board member agreements;
  • Draft and review of intellectual property generation and licensing agreements;
  • Implementation of international and local data protection compliance framework;
  • Legal due diligence.