Dispute Resolution

Legal services

Legal disputes arise in business and in life that cannot be prevented. We encourage and support our clients to try to resolve any dispute out of court – by discussing the problem with the other party to the dispute through negotiations and mediation. However, when it comes to litigation as the only solution, we represent our clients and defend their interests throughout the whole process, including the pre-trial phase, the litigation at all judicial instances in Bulgaria, and national and international arbitration.

Our key practice areas in litigation are the following:


  • Commercial and civil litigation;
  • Administrative and regulatory litigation;
  • Tax litigation;
  • Corporate and securities litigation;
  • Debt collection assistance to local and multinational companies dealing with local partners;
  • Enforcement of foreign court decisions and arbitral awards;
  • Preliminary injunction and enforcement proceedings;
  • Arbitration

VC law offers the following services in the field of Dispute resolution:

Pre-trial phase:

  • Conducting Case-study;
  • Collecting evidence;
  • Advice and opinions on the substantive aspects of the legal dispute with a forecast of the optimal legal actions to be taken;
  • Investigation on the defendant’s available assets that may be seized.

Litigation phase:

  • Drafting of claims or answers to claims submitted by the counterparty;
  • Legal representation during all stages of court procedure;
  • Representation at court hearings.

Post-trial phase:

  • Appealing court decisions and rulings;
  • Assisting clients throughout the whole process of executing the court decisions or arbitration awards, providing legal representation with regard to initiation enforcement proceedings, advising on the most appropriate enforcement measures to be taken and on the lawfulness of the actions of the bailiff;
  • Participating in the whole process of public sales of property owned by the debtor.