Legal services 

The compliance with all regulatory requirements applicable to your business activities enables you to operate your undertaking without unnecessary administrative sanctions. In some cases, meeting the statutory prerequisites is the only obstacle to be overcome in order to obtain a license or permit to conduct highly lucrative activities. In others, it is a “must” to demonstrate compatibility with the compulsory legal provisions so that you can collaborate with reputable partners.

We have performed compliance-related services in the following circumstances: 

  • Incorporation of a Financial or Non-Financial Credit and Payment Institution;
  • Incorporation of an Alternative Investment Fund Manager;
  • Virtual Currencies Exchange Incorporation;
  • Insurance Company Incorporation & Licensing;
  • Expansion of Regulated Activities in Foreign Jurisdictions;
  • Due Diligence and Structuring in the M&A or Investment Process;
  • Public/Private Rounds of Securities Offerings (IPOs/STOs);
  • Payment Services Whitelabel Transactions;
  • Competition Cases Initiated by Regulatory Bodies;
  • Public/Private Rounds of Virtual Assets Offerings (ICOs/IEOs).

We empower our clients to pursue high-impact regulated activities by providing them with the following services:

  • Financial/Non-Financial Credit and Payment Institutions Licensing or Passport;
  • Investment Fund Managers Licensing or Passport;
  • Electronic Money Institution Licensing, Sub-Licensing or Passport;
  • Insurance Company Licensing or Passport;
  • GDPR Compliance Implementation;
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Framework Implementation;
  • Employment, Health & Safety Law Impact Analysis;
  • ISO Certification;
  • Food Production and Processing Permits;
  • Competition Law Impact Analysis;
  • Transportation Companies Licensing;
  • Media & Advertising Regulations Impact Analysis;
  • Consumer Protection Law Impact Analysis;
  • Online Commerce Regulatory Impact Analysis;
  • Regulatory Implications in Decentralized Technologies Related Projects Analysis;
  • Securities Offering Laws Impact Analysis;
  • General Project Compliance Analysis.

Please contact us. We will find the most convenient way to structure your anticipated or current business from a regulatory standpoint and help you implement suitable solutions enabling you to reach your goals.