Competition & Antitrust

Legal services 

Competition Law is related to the rules of the fair economic behavior of market participants. Each company in Bulgaria is obliged to comply with its planned business decisions and behavior as a market participant with competition law (cartels, prohibited agreements, and concerted practices, abuse of a dominant position, control over concentrations of enterprises, and unfair competition). Unfair competition is a breach of national anti-trust legislation and could lead to statutory sanctions for the offenders concerned.

VC Law can help you to:

  • plan and carry out commercial activity in accordance with the rules and regulatory requirements in the field of competition;
  • avoid various forms of anti-competitive behavior that may adversely affect your commercial image and market position, and
  • protect your rights if your competitors or third parties violate them.

The services of VC Law in the competition field include:

  • Drafting of agreements for confidentiality and consumer protection;
  • Filing claims for unfair competition;
  • Assessment of the client’s commercial activity to ensure its compliance with the rules of competition law and, respectively, to minimize the risk of having investigations initiated against into an unfair competition;
  • Preparation of necessary notifications in case of planned concentration;
  • Assistance upon submission of the required information and documents for the release of the transaction under the Competition Protection Act;
  • Legal representation and protection before the Commission for Protection of Competition;
  • Legal representation before the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) in appealing decisions of the Commission for Protection of Competition;
  • Consultations in the preparation of any type of advertising in view of the requirements for the protection of competition, as well as evaluation of advertising activities and strategies;
  • Review of already completed presentations and projects in connection to the Competition Protection Act;
  • Comprehensive consultation on the introduction of new products concerning trademarks and patents;
  • Preparation of all types of notifications to the Commission for Protection of Competition;
  • Structuring and assessment of planned mergers and acquisitions for their implementation following the legislation for the protection of competition;
  • Identifying and limiting the risks of including specific stipulations in commercial contracts could be considered prohibited by the Commission’s law agreements.
  • Participation in the discussion and preparation of commercial agreements.