Banking & Finance

Legal services 

We pride ourselves on being involved in some of the most innovative and game-changing undertakings in the banking and finance world, both on the regulatory and commercial side. Our clients often look for ways to add a competitive advantage to their banking or payment activities or empower their business growth with a flexible financing setup. Further, we can help you explore and adopt the numerous opportunities brought up by the unregulated distributed ledger technologies-driven virtual assets. 

Our team has assisted some of the biggest names in the banking and finance field to overcome challenges and chase new horizons on some of the following occasions:

  • Debt Restructuring;
  • Loan Portfolio Transfers;
  • Banks Mergers & Acquisitions;
  • Acquisition Financing;
  • Secured Financing;
  • Real Estate Financing;
  • New Payment Services Products Structure;
  • Investment Funds Incorporation & Licensing;


  • Virtual Currencies Related Undertakings;
  • Project Finance;
  • Syndicated Loan Agreements;
  • International Securities Issuance & Offering (Public or Private);
  • Fintech Projects;
  • Whitelabel Solutions.